A Little About Me

Likes: The Positive Life, Visiting family & Awesome Friends, Honestly, Trying New Adventures, And Being outside with my dog, Writing just about anything

Dislikes: Bad Hygiene, rude, negative people, manipulators

Hobbies: Yoga, Runner, Walking, Basketball, Reading, Drawing, Making Arts & Crafts, Movies, Roller Skating, Dog Parks are awesome, I love listening to music, Going to the Library, Doing Puzzles

Favorite Food(s): Korean, Seafood, Trying new foods

Favorite Beverages: Water, Lemonade

Favorite Flower: Wild flowers

Favorite Perfume: DOLCE & GABBANA light blue

Favorite Color: Navy Blue & Black

Favorite Animal: Bull, Snake

Favorite Music: Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Radiohead, Enya, The Cure, Coldplay

Favorite Holiday: Christmas & My birthday!

Preferred Gifts: Amazon, Victoria Secret gift cards & Plants 🙂